Friday, September 26, 2014

Word of Mouth...Lend Me Your Ear is Branching out!

I started this blog almost two years ago. It's opened many doors for me, I've been fortunate enough to work with fantastic brands, host monumental giveaways and speak to everyone who wants to lend an ear what I think about certain products, brands or services.

I'm a person who has many passions in life, my family, my dogs (both rescues) and most importantly...Saving Money!

I taught myself how to coupon and it's saved us hundreds of dollars a month. I was hesitant at first, because I had no idea what sort of madness I was getting myself into! It was overwhelming and scary and I wasn't sure if I had the patience to learn. But I stuck it out and I'm glad I did, now couponing is a way of life for myself and my family. 

Which is why I'm taking the knowledge that I'm learning first hand and sharing it with everyone else. What does that mean?

Well, it means that Word of Mouth...Lend Me Your Ear will be unveiling a sister blog, strictly for couponers, couponing, families that want to save money and anyone who is trying to save a buck! I was overwhelmed by the group of people who follow me on Instagram and enjoy my "hauls" (a big shopping trip), my store scenarios and my transaction breakdowns. There is so much more to couponing than just getting to your register and handing over a piece of paper. 

I'm still thinking of what I'm going to call this sister blog, but I'm hoping to have it up and running before the end of 2014. For those who follow this blog, I hope you follow my new blog as well and spread the word that I'm BRANCHING OUT!

I couldn't have done it without my supporters, it means the world!

I might even put together a personal giveaway to get ideas for a blog name. That's tentative, because I know the prize would have to be awesome! Stay tuned...there's much more to come!

Old Spice - What are your #Combos4Success?

***Disclaimer:  This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and Old Spice. All opinions are 100% mine.***

    • Old Spice, the manliest men’s grooming brand on the planet, is back to inform guys that when they use Old Spice anti-perspirant and deodorant, body wash + 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner together the result is a manly, amazing, irresistible freshness from head to toes.
    • To experience manly head to toes freshness, download coupons from Old Spice here: Old Spice - Head to Toes Coupons!! 

    • La marca de productos de aseo para hombres más masculina del planeta, quiere informarles  a los caballeros que si usan juntos el antitranspirante y desodorante + el champú y acondicionador 2 en 1 Olds Spice, el resultado será una frescura varonil, sorprendente e irresistible de la cabeza a los pies. Una combinación que los dejará con una limpieza innegable, que les ofrecerá un día mucho mejor, y, sin duda alguna ¡más viril!
    • Para disfrutar de la frescura masculina de los pies a la cabeza, descarga cupones de Old Spice aquí: Old Spice - Head to Toes Coupons!!  

    I distinctly remember when my oldest son (now, 14) started kindergarten. I also remember crying, calling my then boyfriend (my husband, now) and him laughing at me because I cried. I couldn't believe how quickly time had passed and how my little baby was in school.

    Fast forward, and that sweet little boy, is practically a man. I'm not sure what my reaction will be when he starts shaving (meds, lots and lots of meds). One thing I did teach him well, was hygiene, no son of mine was going to walk around smelling funky! There was a dark period before he discovered girls, where I wasn't sure if he would ever brush his teeth or shower again. 

    He's the oldest of my three boys and he's quite the young man, he's like any other teenager, carefree and fun. Now that he's starting his first year of High School, I completely stocked up on his favorite Old Spice products. But he's really into sports! If you have a teenager, then you'll feel my pain. I carpool, yes, I pick up roughly 3-4 teenagers after football practice. Can you say stinkfest 2014? 

    That's why his #Combos4Success starts with a shower, his Old Spice 2-n-1 Shampoo, plus his Old Spice Deodorant. 

    If it weren't for this #Combos4Success, my house would definitely smell like his High School gym! I like that he can use the Old Spice 2-n-1 Shampoo, to give him the "silky" hair he likes to maintain so much, plus the Old Spice deodorant gives him that added protection so he's not constantly making sure that he smells okay. He's confident that he does! Que locura, es casi un hombre! El tiempo pasa, y mi bebe chiquito, mi principe, esta creciendo. Thank goodness I have two more that aren't quite teenagers, otherwise I don't know what I'd do!

    Old Spice always throws in humor into their campaigns and it's no wonder their YouTube spots are some of my sons' favorite, like this one:

    "The latest, hilarious Old Spice marketing campaign informs guys that when they use Old Spice anti-perspirant and deodorant, body wash + 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner together, they smell so clean that even a man who is not entirely a man smells like the best smelling man ever. And, yes, we have the mandroid to prove it. See all the spots on the Old Spice YouTube channel - you just might feel the need to spend the rest of your day speaking in robotic monotone."

    Interested in getting the young man, men or significant other their own #Combos4Success? Well, head on over to print out these GREAT coupons to snag a few bottles of Old Spice Body Wash, 2-n-1 Shampoo or Deodorant! Te gustan los cupones? Te gusta ahorar? Pue tengo buenas noticias! Old Spice te esta ofreciendo unos cupones super buenos, para que le compres a tu hijo, esposo, novio o sobrinos los productos Old Spice, como el Old Spice Body Wash, Old Spice 2-en-1 Champu, y Old Spice Desodorante!

    But hurry! Coupon expires 9/30/2014! Old Spice Coupons! Cupones Old Spice!

    You can definitely enjoy and read up on Old Spice on -

    Check out their site, with awesome info like this -

    Be sure to follow all the conversations and what people have to say on Social media by hashtagging #Combos4Success, and on that note. What are the #Combos4Success for the men in your life? If you're a man, what are your own Old Spice #Combos4Success? Let us know in the comments below!