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Family Dinner Time is STILL Cool at Chronic Tacos - #ChronicTacos

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Finding time to squeeze in a sit down dinner with the entire family can be difficult. Between sports, school, chores and busy work schedules we can get completely consumed with everything else BUT spending quality time together. Not this momma! I try to have dinner ready at the same time everyday, this typically ensures that everyone will be ready to sit and eat as a family. However, Friday thru Sunday are MY days and on those days this busy mom refuses to cook, that's where Chronic Tacos comes in!

Here is a little background on Chronic Tacos -
"Randall L. Wyner was tired of having to jump in his car every time he craved a good taco. After a long night out in west Newport Beach, CA left Wyner and friend Daniel A. Biello disgruntled and hungry with no good local Mexican joints to choose from, the idea hit them right in their angry stomachs: Made-to-order Mexican food that was both fast and fresh. It could be something far superior to what the competition was offering. With more than just good food, it could be a place where they would want to hang out too.Through this idea, along with third-generation recipes they acquired from a close family friend, Chronic Tacos was born."
Chronic Tacos opened it's doors just in time for the 2002 Annual Newport Beach Fourth of July Celebration. It was the perfect opportunity to have thousands of consumers try out Chronic Tacos for the very first time and it was a hit! From then to now, Chronic Tacos has opened over 30 locations in California, Nevada and Canada!

Being a local Southern California resident, we have so many Chronic Taco locations to choose from, but our favorite is located in Fullerton, CA.

We are a large family, five in total, so we appreciate being able to have dinner together and have it made to order. We can sit and enjoy some great music and even better, delicious food. The items as I mentioned are cooked to order, the ingredients are fresh and they never disappoint. From their traditional mexican dishes, to their own signature twists they've added to the classics! Like their Chronic Fries, just imagine a typical nacho plate but with fries instead of tortilla's GENIUS! It's not just tacos and burritos either, they have a great Chronic Salad option where you can choose your protein (if any) a topper and some fantastic dressings, JalapeƱo Ranch is one of my favorites.

Credit Via | Chronic Tacos Facebook Page

I enjoy hearing about my boys week, we headed over to Chronic Tacos in Fullerton this past Sunday. We talked about how excited they were for school to start the following day and how we'd have to come back and have some Potato Tacos on Friday to talk about the week. New school for my older boys and a full day at school for our little one. My husband got to unwind from his long week at work, and I got to take a break from slaving over the stove! Which is nice because as I'm cooking in our tiny kitchen, no one wants to hang out with me because it gets so hot in there it's a one person kitchen. I like to be able to sit with my family and talk, we have a strict "NO CELL PHONE or ELECTRONICS" rule during dinner. 

Family dinner time is important, it gives you a chance to reconnect, to listen to your kids and to listen to your significant other. I look forward to our family dinner nights, especially when we have them at Chronic Tacos! Our oldest son started his first year of High School and in 3 more years he'll be off to college, I'll take all the family time I can get!

Chronic Tacos creates a real cool atmosphere for parents who are like us, younger and hip, but don't be fooled, we took my mom who was visiting from Texas and she loved the food and the music! Chronic Tacos allows you to step away from the norm, enjoy and great meal and create lasting memories with your family!

Want to learn more about Chronic Tacos and their menu? You can find them here:

Twitter: @eatchronictacos
Instagram: @eatchronictacos
Hashtag: #ChronicTacos (Make sure you get noticed by Chronic Tacos! Let them know you're a fan and use their hashtag!!)

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No Rinse? Say What? - Cascade Platinum No Rinse Review and Giveaway

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I love hosting any type of event in my home, typically I like to purchase some great plastic plates, cups and utensils. It's not because I'm cheap, okay, partially because I'm cheap, but mainly because I hate doing dishes. Sure, my dishwasher gets me by but I dread scraping or rinsing off dishes before loading.

This weekend I hosted brunch at my house, and as always the food and desserts were a HUGE hit. Then I sprung a surprise on my guests! 

Gathering around the kitchen after a big meal, is not the norm, I take everyone into the family room and we chit chat but this time I wanted to talk to them about Cascade Platinum and my #cascadeshiningreviews challenge.

I started loading my dishwasher and everybody almost instantaneously yelled "Waiiiitt!!! You need to rinse off those dishes, otherwise you'll have caked on food!" To which I smiled slyly and said "Watch and learn everyone!"

First I dumped in our dishes which were caked with an abundance of sauce -

Next, our raspberry mimosa jars -

And finally a brownie pan -

Doesn't that already look somewhat clean? Well, a few of the husbands decided that they would scrape off the goodness at the bottom and eat it, hahaha. I can't blame them, those brownies were delicious!

I put in the Cascade Platinum pods and The Cascade Rinse Aid. You gotta make sure your plates are dirty and unrinsed for Cascade Platinum to work effectively! It's powerful emzymes lift up food and cleans and scrubs inside your dishwasher. Worried about all that food clogging up your machine? Not to worry, your machine is set up to dispose of food particles just like your sinks garbage disposal.

My guests were surprised because they always thought they had to pre-rinse make sure no large pieces of food went into the dishwasher on purpose, not with Cascade Platinum. After I had everyone help me load the machine based on a really cool chart, that actually helped me maximize space, we got around to chatting and of course taking pictures!

After our longest wash cycle, I took out the dishes! The grimiest ones anyway.

Shiny, sparkling and NO SPOTS or FOOD! Who knew these tiny little pouches and rinse aid could pack such a punch?


I can't wait to host another brunch or dinner party at my house! I sent each guest home with a goodie bag, a sample of these Cascade products and I told them I wanted to see them clean up a huge mess without rinsing or scraping! They were overjoyed to say the least!

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