Wednesday, May 21, 2014

BA*Star - Eye Shadow Palette - Review and Swatches

(BA*Star Eye Shadow Palette, Spicy Natural Retail $8.75)

The new BA*Star Eye Shadow Palette's come in six great shades! I was fortunate enough to get my hands on this palette when it first came out. It's since hit the site and is available for purchase. 

I've done several reviews for BA*Star, each time I can never say enough positive things about this brand and the company itself. I tested out the palette, and I can say that with the eye shadow primer the colors are more vibrant and really stand out!

The brand BA*Star is geared towards people and groups (i.e. Cheerleaders, Dance, Pageant Contestants, etc.) who need a professional grade makeup that will outlast the bright lights and sweat of a competition and still look great and not hurt the pockets in the process. With BA*Star you get all of this and more!

For testing purposes I received a complimentary palette in Spicy Natural.

The palette is very pretty, with great highlight, lid and crease hues.  It's a blend of smokey browns, vibrant golds and bronze and neutral lilac and white. I've swatched the palette for you, on the top is the color with the BA*Star Eye Shadow Primer, to the bottom is the color on my bare skin. As you can tell, the Primer gives you a more vibrant, bold look.  But if you're looking for daytime simple, you can skip the primer and get a pretty and natural look.

You can check out all six palettes and compare them to get a color combination that best suits you and your needs! I enjoyed the Spicy Natural Eye Shadow palette and will definitely get my hands on the Midnight Smoky Eye, because at just $8.75 you can't go wrong!

Be sure to check out and check out all they have to offer, shop online where it's convenient and even better, their store doesn't close! Shop any time day or night!

**Disclaimer:  As part of the Brand Backer community, I received a complimentary product for testing and review purposes. The opinions expressed in regards to the BA*Star Eye Shadow Palette are 100% my own.***