Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: InstaWave by Kiss - Video Review

There are 10 shopping days left (11 if you're a hard core procrastinator) and there is a product that I recently tried that I loved and I wanted you all to know about it, know how well it works and then put it on your holiday shopping list, because the InstaWave by KISS definitely made my top 10 on the Holiday Gift Guide 2014!

Above, you can see just how easy it is to achieve either that tousled, casual and simple beach wave to a sophisticated "just stepped out of the salon" look!

I am a slave to my styling tools, I'll admit, my hair has seen better days, but I thoroughly enjoyed using the InstaWave by KISS! I noticed that I had to do minimal work, I didn't have to worry about over styling, over curling or burning my hair. I actually noticed that the machine left my hair really soft and shiny! An A+ in my book!

Here I am showing you how to get that simple tousled beach wave and that sophisticated Holiday party look!

Some of the talking points that I feel are important -

  • At first glance, the InstaWave's barrel is intimidating, I'm not going to lie. When I first saw the entire machine, I REALLY thought I was going to hate it and my hair was going to get stuck in the prongs...WRONG! It's actually super fool proof, which brings me to...
  • This InstaWave is fool proof! If you feel like you've tugged too much on your hair, or you are tangling your hair, with a simple switch with your finger turn the arrow indicator in the opposite direction and it will smoothly, and oh so effortlessly release your hair! No catching, no pulling, just one swift motion, and guess what, after you've untangled yourself, you have a great, bouncy curl. Win/Win!
  • The InstaWave has two heat settings, if your hair is anything like mine, you'll need the High setting to lock in a tight curl, but if you normally don't use a high setting on your hair and you get a nice bounce from an ordinary curling iron, then you'll love the low setting.
  • InstaWave provides you with ONE machine, capable of achieving completely different hairstyles! 
Although the InstaWave by KISS is fairly new, it's one of the hottest styling tools around! Please be sure to add it to your own Holiday wish list or add it on for someone else's! You'll be sure to be a hit with your new effortless hair by InstaWave!

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