Thursday, February 20, 2014

JenJen House - The One Stop Shop for Prom Dresses

It's that time of year when young girls all across the country, start searching for the perfect Prom dress for Prom season.  Whether you stumbled upon this post by searching google or just by accident, it's definitely your lucky day because today I'm going to be talking all things PROM!

JenJen House is a website that sells and ships Special Occasion dresses, from bridal to cocktail dresses.  For today's post though, we'll be talking about Prom dresses! I remember my Prom like it was yesterday, it was so thrilling looking for that special dress, making sure I had the right shoes, the right bag and the perfect accessories. JenJen House is your one stop shop, because their site provides all the items you'll need to purchase to make it the perfect prom for you! 

Worried about not getting the correct size? JenJen House offers a great guide to show you, mom or friends how to measure correctly to ensure that you receive a dress that will fit like it was made just for you!

JenJen House also makes sure that your dress arrives in the best condition possible. 

JenJen House dresses come in sturdy cardboard boxes.

Let's start shopping shall we?

I've put together a few looks today using just several of the thousands of designs that JenJen House offers, a few are even from their recommended and new arrivals listing!

Recommended Styles

Look #1 "Pretty in Pink" includes items - Dress #018004880, Handbag #012011035, Earrings #011027292 and Shoes #087015254. You can achieve this entire look for just under $250.

Look #2 "Lady in Red" includes items - Dress #018004808, Handbag #012025490, Earrings #011029092 and Shoes #047018220. This entire look will wow everyone and think you spend thousands to achieve, but no one will know you really only spent under $200!

New Arrivals

Look #3 "Simply Black" using some great items from the new arrivals and some signature pieces are - Dress #016026274, Earrings #011038483, Handbag #012038382, Shoes #087015245 and a great accent piece for your waist and to make this dress a real show stopper is Waist Belt #015033792. This entire look will cost you, just under $300. Such an amazing deal!

And for our final look, Look #4 "Peaches and Cream" was created using some spectacular pieces from JenJen House in neutral shades.  The dress is stunning and is sure to dazzle! Items include - Dress #018026261, Handbag #012011038, Bracelet/Cuff #011033381, Earrings #011034745 and last, but certainly not least Shoes #087016473.

There are so many choices at JenJen House that you could literally sit for hours thinking of ways to dress up your next Prom Dress, yes, SIT, not drive from mall to mall, store to store searching. You can just sit back and relax in the comfort of your home and shop your heart out!  In addition to U.S. Shipping, they offer WorldWide Shipping to over 200 countries.

Why don't you head on over and start searching for your dream Prom Dress, accessories and shoes!

***Disclaimer:  This is a “sponsored post.” The company who sponsored it compensated me via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value to write it. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”***

Monday, February 17, 2014

Eu Natural - Vibrance Vitamins for Hair Growth (for Thicker, Longer, and More Vibrant Hair) - Review

***Disclaimer:  EuNatural provided me through BrandBacker, a sample of Vibrance Pure Healthy Hair Formula, to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed in this post and review are 100% my own.***

There are many products that I usually want to jump at the chance to try and test out, if they had a jumping contest I'd probably win, mainly because I'm super tall and highly competitive and more than likely, just because I can't fathom missing the opportunity to try a new product. This was no exception!

As I've worked with BrandBacker, I've made some great brand relationships. Due to the fact that most of the items I've received have seriously rocked! EuNatural's Vibrance Pure Healthy Hair Formula was no exception.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Purex - Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash - Review

Being part of the Purex Insiders community, I get to test out a lot of their brand new products, some of which haven't even hit the store shelves. I gotta be honest here folks, I like to be one of the first to try things, it's just part of my competitive nature! When I got the opportunity to test out Dial's newest line of body wash, I jumped all over it!

Dial® Vitamin Boost Body Wash - Just the Facts

  • Dial® Vitamin Boost is infused with Lotion for a moisturizing lather
  • Dial® Vitamin Boost with Vitamin Complex Amazing B
  • Moisture Balance 
"Dial® Vitamin Boost lotion-infused Amazing B Body Wash givbes your skin a boost of moisturizing nourishment. The advanced formula contains a moisturizing Vitamin Complex, which helps draw moisture directly to your skin to leave it feeling healthy and soft"
Here's what I thought:

I didn't realize that I would like the fact that this body wash has actual fruit juices as part of the ingredients. But surprisingly I was kind stoked! It has Kiwi and Mango. It smells like a tropical drink, and besides it's off putting color and texture, doesn't leave a filmy, greasy feeling on your body and it washes off easily.  I think the only negative thing I can say about this body wash is it's color and texture! Let me show you -

As you can see, it's about as green as the bottle it comes in, and while normally I wouldn't mind, it really reminded me of slime (sorry!) But once you work it into a lather, then it's fine.  The lather and suds are NOT green, nor does it stain your body or anything else it comes in contact with.  It's also quite thick, so a little bit goes a long way!

I like that it has a boost of vitamins, because I am horrible about applying lotion after showers, so if I have a body wash that can help alleviate some of my dry skin, then I'm all for it.  

I might be aging myself here, but this reminds me of the slime from "You can't say that on Television", if you're anywhere near my age, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. For my younger readers, it looks like slime from the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards.

See? It rinses and lathers up quite nicely!

While I'd LOVE to share some FREE coupons for this body wash with all my readers, I didn't get any for this particular product. What I did receive was (3) coupons for FREE Dial® for Men Power Scrub Body Wash. 

I'm hosting 3 seperate giveaways via my Facebook page (click here), and both my blog Instagram and my couponing Instagram. It's only for current followers and if you follow me at any of those forums then hurry and be ready for the rules. It goes live at 1:00pm PST!

***Disclaimer:  As part of the Purex® Insiders community, I was given a complimentary bottle of Dial® Vitamin Boost Body Wash to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed in my post are 100% my own***