Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Travel Review - Shalimar Tours & Charter

See that picture up there? Yes. The one that says "Stateline Tour or Bust". Well let me tell you my story and my experience.

After I was notified that among 800 incoming 8th graders, my son was one of 50 students chosen to tour the East Coast in the spring of 2014, I immediately began thinking up ways to raise funds.  At a whopping $2500 this trip isn't cheap, and that's not including spending cash.  He'll be gone for 7 days, he'll be visiting Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York.

Of course, the first direction I turned to was to hit the newsfeed on my facebook page, and ask, what is a good fundraiser?  I wasn't talking chocolate bars or wrapping paper (typical school fundraisers). I needed something with substance, something that would make a lot of money and in a short amount of time.

Someone suggested a Stateline Turnaround tour...this is where my entire experience went south and left a bad taste in my mouth.