Thursday, July 18, 2013

TATS Original - Review

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Ever since friends and family found out that I review products on a blog, they go out on the hunt for unique products for me to try, taste or use. Some of the products I can definitely do without, really thanks, but no one really has any use for an electric spoon...TOTALLY KIDDING!

Enter into my life TATS Original, you can find their website here, their facebook here and their twitter...right over here. I got to try their product, I tasted all of it, even the infamous GHOST Chili items. If you're not familiar with Ghost Chili, it is one of, if not thee hottest chili pepper in the world. On the Scoville Scale it ranks 330,000 - 1,032,310 (it's kind of like eating 128 spicy jalapeƱos in ONE lie, look it up!)

But let's get back to the topic at hand....TATS Original.

I'm a Contributor! - Personal Post

I don't type up personal posts, because that's really not what my blog is intended for, but I figured since I have all of you lovely people following me, entering my giveaways, contests and voting for videos, well I owe it to you to say Thank You!

Thank you for allowing me into your lives, for taking those 2-3 minutes out of your day to read about my latest review or watch my awkward and dorky YouTube Videos (which I promise will ONLY get better over time, I mean, they can't get worse right?).

When I first started blogging, I didn't expect to be welcomed into such a great community! So many networks of extraordinary and talented Moms who are MORE than willing to lend a helping hand. It's been overwhelming to say the least. Sure, my blog is not a "major" blog by any means, but I remember my first post and getting excited because 3 people viewed it, and then I realized I hadn't unchecked the "Don't Track My Own Page Views" square...oops! 

I can tell you that 2012 was probably one of the worst years I've experienced in my life. Without getting into details, 2012 tested my faith, my patience, and my general outlook on life. It showed me that there is NO TIME like the PRESENT and I was faced with some pretty powerful challenges.  It pushed me to stop from procrastinating, it pushed me to move forward despite all obstacles and it pushed me to reach out for my dreams.  Like I say, "If you can dream it, you can achieve it" 2013 has proven just that.

I asked God and the Universe to help me achieve my goals, not in a rushed and impatient manner, but as I worked, I wanted to be able to see the fruits of my labor.  I've worked very hard to maintain the blog, yes, I don't always post, lately I've gone a few days between posting. But I always make sure I come back, refreshed and better than ever.

I'd like to thank all the blogging communities, for empowering mom's to voice their opinions and well, just to have a voice! When you have children, your voice sometimes gets lost ;]

I'm really excited to announce that I will be a contributor to a site that really helps those who are looking for a healthier approach to the foods they eat, to using everyday items and turning them into DIY beauty and health products.

I'll be posting links to my first published post (when it goes live) and I hope you'll follow along. I'll also be posting here per usual. Not to worry, I'm not going anywhere!