Wednesday, July 3, 2013

O Organics - Review

If you're on the go, and for the most part, mom's are usually the most on the go people, then you'll try just about anything that will make your life just a little more convenient. Why not try these great little salad bowls from Safeway "O Organics" and it's not just salad bowls, they have a large array of Organic products in store. Today, though, I'll be talking specifically about O Organics Salad Bowls.

We want Jamba Juice!

Ahhh, the sweet, sweet flavor of Jamba Juice. At our house, Jamba Juice is a rare treat, even though we have a store located just minutes from home, we don't visit as much as I'd like, ok, ok, let's be honest, as much as my tummy would like ;]