Sunday, June 30, 2013

AMF Summer Unplugged - Bowl Your Hearts Out!

If you follow my blog, you know that not only am I a super fantastic writer (TOTALLY KIDDING!!!) I'm also a pretty sarcastic mommy...I mean, a MOM, and a PROUD one at that.

Except when Summer rolls along, and your husband works, and you stay home and you're 3 weeks into Summer Break and you get cabin fever with the kids, and you're just having a staring contest for no reason.  Plus, did I mention it's super hot? I mean, just typing up this post, I'm dripping with sweat.  Do you know how much heat computers and flat screen tv's generate? No, really, I don't know, I'm asking because even though it's triple digits outside you can add about 25 more to that!

So what's a super awesome mom to do?

Blogger's Spotlight - July Edition

Blogger's Spotlight - July Edition