Monday, June 10, 2013

Advil® Allergy & Congestion Relief

Advil® Allergy & Congestion Relief

**Disclaimer:  A free sample of this product was provided to me by Smiley360.



**Disclaimer:  A free sample of this product was made available by Smiley360

Freebies Are in the Mail - Olay Fresh Effects [Shine, Shine Go Away!] Shine Minimizing Cleanser Review

I love getting freebies in the mail (I mean, who doesn't?).  Companies and brands have been doing this sort of marketing for YEARS! I've been doing these types of reviews for a long time (find it here). On my blog's facebook fan page (click here) I post freebies by mail, almost on a daily basis. Most of them are common knowledge, you can find the same freebie on 10 different blogs who are run by bloggers who dedicate themselves to scour the internet for free deals, coupons and massive savings.  Today's "Freebies Are in the Mail" comes to us from Olay.

Smiley360 Mission - AVEENO Nourish + Dandruff Control Shampoo/Conditioner Review

Here I am once again, ready to report on one of the many missions that I've been invited to from Smiley360.  This time it was for shampoo and conditioner, of which I am very particular when choosing a shampoo or conditioner for my hair. Why? Because I have a sensitive head, hahaha. No but really, I tend to be real sensitive when it comes to shampoo and conditioner.  Because my hair is so fine and thin, it tends to get weighed down and look greasy if I choose the wrong product and sometimes I even get dry scalp from the wrong shampoo. 

So when I was invited on this mission, I just had to say, yes! I love AVEENO, don't you? I always used their baby line when I had infants, but now that my kids are grown, I use AVEENO for myself.

BzzAgent Review - GÖT2B POWDER’FUL

Are you a fan of big luscious hair? I know I am, want to know why? I have thin, long, straight hair.  No volume, no bounce, no...nothing.  The good people over at BzzAgent recently send me a product that promised I could have BIG hair in as little as 10 seconds....say what??

 What could it be? Read on to find out!

SkinFood Review - Fresh Apple Sparkling Toner and Pore Emulsion

SkinFood. Ever heard of it?

I hadn't, that changed a couple of months ago.  I went to the mall, something I hardly ever do.  I went to a really nice mall that's about 3 stories big, so they have a ton of specialty stores that the smaller malls in my area don't.  The SkinFood store happens to be one of them and I got this little sample from them.