Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Orgullosa Entre Nosotras Sponsored Event - MAMÁS QUE INSPIRAN (Moms Who Inspire) Part 1

Are you a member of Vocal Point?  If you are, and you also happen to be Hispanic or of Latin descent, you've heard of their all Spanish sister site, Orgullosa, if not you should TOTALLY check it out here!

I was approached by Orgullosa to host an event, sponsored by P&G and it was awesome! The theme was "MAMÁS QUE INSPIRAN", which translates into "Moms Who Inspire" and really, moms are always an inspiration. But put a bunch of us in a group setting and we can inspire each other to do anything!

(Please excuse the picture quality, I had issues with my DSL *sigh*)

House Party - World Harbors Fajita Fiesta Review

Today i'm going to talk about food, oh yeah, and a sponsored House Party. I applied to host a few parties, I was chosen as a host for this party and so here we are, talking food and parties, my favorite two topics!

I was asked to try out World Harbors Marinade and Dipping Sauce (actually it doubles as both, you can marinate your food or you can dip your food into it, pretty nifty, huh?)

Let's get on with the reviews!