Monday, January 21, 2013

Smile360 Campaign - The Adventures of Flat Smiley Week 2

The weekend was brought to a close as Flat Smiley found himself in the perils of danger....but what most people don't know is that "Danger" is his middle name....See who won in the Battle -

Flat Smiley vs. The King of the Jungle

Our hero *swoon*

Party Planning 101 - Don't Break the Bank!

In another life, I might have been a GRAND event coordinator.  I can turn the most simple of ideas and turn them into something pretty amazing...yes, I'm awesome.

Why am I doing this again? Week 1 Day 1

I think I typed and retyped this post a few times, thinking to myself...."umm, why are we doing this again?" Then I just remind myself that I recently got winded going up a flight of stairs, that I have trouble breathing, that my blood pressure is through the roof, that I'm still young and that I have 3 kids to think about.  If that's not enough, I've been living in yoga pants and loose fitting tops for the last several's not a good way to live (especially since I want to start a fashion feature, and who wants to model ill fitting clothes??? Not this gal!).