Thursday, November 21, 2013

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Saavy Shoppers do their Holiday Shopping at Best Buy (DISCOUNT COUPONS/CODES AVAILABLE!)

Next time I decide to blink, I'll be sure to note that when I did, we were nowhere NEAR the holidays! It's too late to turn back the clock, and it's also too late to hit SNOOZE, so throw on your winter coat, slap a scarf around your neck and high tail it out for your holiday shopping, and when you do..make sure you start at your local Best Buy.

I take it for granted that Best Buy is truly a one stop shop for all the hottest technology and appliance product gifting needs.  They have an assortment of items that is truly second to none.

 This holiday shopping season is NO EXCEPTION! They've rolled out the red carpet for the over 100 products that are being sold this Holiday. I know I've been twice as good this year so that I would be able to add to my wish list some of the hottest items that Best Buy has to offer. Like tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles and titles, wearable technology, health and fitness gear, mobile accessories and much more!

If you're not tech-saavy, not to worry because those passionate, and highly trained Blue Shirts and Geek Squad Agents are knowledgable and impartial so they can definitely help ensure you get the perfect gifts for your family and friends...and even yourself.  A couple of weeks ago, I was shopping for my teenagers birthday, he wanted a new Xbox360 game. I gave one of their friendly Blue Shirt employees snipets of the title (because, THIS mom is clueless about gaming!) and he was able to steer me in the right direction, even offered some great accessories that would enhance game play.

If everything mentioned above isn't enough to convince you that Best Buy would make your holiday shopping a breeze, they make sure that you are always happy with the price you're paying.  They know how important that is to us, and it's important to them as well.  Their Low Price Guarantee will ensure you are getting the MOST competitive price possible! Let's not forget that for those of us who prefer shopping in our pj's while drinking coffee, they offer online ordering with Free Store Pick-Up

Don't be THAT gifter, the one who seems clueless, head on over to Best Buy and be the most popular gift giver yet!

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Check out Best Buy online and be sure to visit their Best Buy Gift Center.

***Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card an/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

BA*Star Lip Pencil Review - Holiday Red

There is something fantastic about the color red.  It's a great "pick-me-up" color AND if you get the right shade you can turn yourself into a Classic Hollywood Icon in minutes.

I'm quite picky about the red shades of lip color presently allowed in my life, and on my lips.  Why? Well one wrong shade up or down on the red scale can turn into quite a slipper slope on the desired look you're going for.  Too many shade below the right color, you'll wind up with something hot pink or orange, something too dark and you'll wind up as an extra on a Vampire movie!

When it comes to reds, I usually stick to lipstick, it's always so moist and glides on easily.  But when I was approached to try a Lip Pencil from BA*Star, I readily accepted because I was thrilled with another product from their cosmetic line. You can read that review here.

BA*Star is a cosmetics brand that specializes in show stopping make-up! Make-up that is durable, wearable and won't fade easily. Why? Well, the majority of their clients are cheerleaders, pageant contestants, and dancers! And trust me, I am none of the above, but they make it for just regular people like me and you, plus it doesn't hurt that the make-up is so easy to use.

The product I'm reviewing today is BA*Star Lip Pencil in "Holiday Red" and it retails for $8.75 (keep reading, I have a SUPER sweet deal for you!!) Here is some of what BA*Star says about their Lip Pencil lines -

Full Coverage Lip Pencil

Lines & Colors
Stays All Day
Add Shine: Lip Gloss or Glitter
Sharpen with Duo Hole Pencil Sharpener
While I did not add Lip Gloss or Glitter, I did do a few "Holiday Red" inspired looks for the upcoming holidays using my BA*Star Lip Pencil in Holiday Red. But before I get to that part, let me discuss the selling points from BA*Star.

BA*Star Lip Pencil in Holiday Red

"Full coverage lip pencil" - Yes indeed. I was surprised, as usual, I always "prep" my lips for anything other than gloss.  I remove any flaky skin and I make sure I add just a dab of primer foundation and powder.  This will always make your lipstick, lip pencil or lip gloss last longer.  The first run through with the pencil yielded a Hot Pink color that I was NOT happy with, but after I applied a second coat it was the nicest shade of, love, love!

"Lines and Colors" - Why, yes, yes it did. It's quite difficult to get a large lip pencil to both line the lips and color them effectively, but I was glad the BA*Star Lip Pencil did it's job.

"Stays All Day" - Did it ever!!! I at RIBS, yes, ribs! And hours after I applied the BA*Star Lip Pencil only ONCE, I still had it on my lips, not my teeth, not my hands, but right where I needed it! It didn't flake or dry out, it just stayed. That alone was a selling point for me!

Swatch - Holiday Red

Now here are my three looks inspired by the BA*Star Lip Pencil in Holiday Red

Elegant Soiree 

Classy Prom/Homecoming 

Hollywood Glam Retro's the fun part!!! As a service to my readers, BA*Star has given me the opportunity to give you a great deal on some GREAT make-up!! If you shop now, you can get the following -

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Look through the awesome make-up, throw a few into your cart, buy some for your friends. You know Christmas is just around the corner! Once you're done shopping -

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Note:  Discount is off the full retail price ONLY. Cannot be combined with other offers.

***Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post. A complimentary BA*Star Lip Pencil was provided to facilitate the review. All opinions of the item are 100% my own.  Powered by BrandBacker

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Resvology Youth-Activating Skincare - Resvology Age Corrective Eye Cream Review

As I've gotten a bit older, I've noticed fine lines and wrinkles under my eyelids. It's a bit exasperating if you ask me, one day you're looking at yourself in the mirror, young and vivacious, the next minute you're lifting your eyelids to see how you'd look with botox.

It turns out though, that my husband says he'd divorce me if I did anything to my face that involved knives or needles.  What's a gal to do?  I'm always open to trying out new face creams as I'm sure I'll stick to at least one of them.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What is YOUR Secret Language?

I have always had a unique fondness for astrology, horoscopes, astrological signs and the like.  I often believed it was in my nature to seek out this type of information about myself as well as those around me.

I like to think of myself as intuitive and love to search compatibility among friends and relatives.  I solely relied on good old "Astrology", but the Secret Language is unique.

Secret Language is not your grandmother's Astrology - it comes from a study of 20,000 people.  It can help you reveal your own identity as well as those around you.  For example, Abe Lincoln was an "Intentional Unifier" and Mother Theresa was an "Innocent Supportive Partner."

I found a few interesting things about me, that I had not realized when I searched my own secret language.

Let's take my Meditation for instance, I find myself ALWAYS telling people that "The grass is not always greener on the other side", yet I do quite frequently day dream about having a big mansion and tons of money, I don't say it out loud to people, but if you take what the Secret Language has to say in consideration, it's quite accurate!

I also found this to be quite insightful, as I am very reserved when it comes to expressing my feelings, thoughts or emotions.  Which is probably why I am so good at expressing myself in writing.

I searched the reveal for my friendship of over 20 years with my best friend and I loved that it called us "A Force for Positive Change" as well as something that truly touched me about a friendship that is on the verge of dissolving after many years of friendship as well and it called us "A Matter of Honesty". It gave me some great information.

And of course, like any other woman in a relationship I looked up the reveal for myself and my husband, it called our relationship "A Magnetic Mirage" and says it might be "Problematic" for a Marriage. Oops, should have told me that 9 years ago! Totally kidding! I'm not the type of person who solely relies on these types of reports to get her by in life, but they are a great source of fun and entertainment.  

I encourage you to check out SLN.ME and find out a lot about people born under the same day and year as yourself, plus find out what makes or breaks your relationships with people!  You can also watch as a video at SLN.ME where Taylor Swift calls The Secret Language "Birthday Book" accurate and that it was the best birthday present she got last year.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Monday, November 4, 2013

ENTER THE MEGA GIVEAWAY!!! Freebie Mommie's Blogiversary!

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Starkist Tuna Creations (Ranch) Review

***Disclaimer:  I was sent a free sample pouch of Starkist Tuna Creations in Ranch flavor in order to facilitate this review.  Opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

As part of the CrowdTap community, I am facilitated with many product samples to test and review.

I was recently sent a pouch of StarKist Tuna Creations in Ranch flavor, at first I was hesitant to try it at all. Why? Well, tuna with ranch just didn't sound appealing.

I'm so glad that these types of communities exist and that they didn't allow me a flavor to choose from because otherwise I probably would have stuck with what I know, and well that's really pointless.  It's because of them that I stepped outside the box, and gave it a try.

It sure did not disappoint! The ranch flavor was so subtle that it didn't overpower or feel like a "dip".  I highly recommend it for those people who want and like tuna for lunch but need that little extra "kick" of flavor! The tuna comes in a compact and perfect serving size, it's flaky and it's not watery or oily.  I actually enjoy the tuna in the pouch as opposed to the can.  I recommend it to people who enjoy a tasty tuna salad, casserole or sandwich, and I encourage anyone who might be hesitant to try it out as well! 

I created a salad that incorporated my tuna sample -

StarKist Tuna Creations Salad Recipe (extra spicy!)

1 - StarKist Tuna Creations in Ranch Flavor
1 - Serrano Chili
1 - Celery Stalk
2 tbsp. - Mayonnaise
1 cup - Spinach
1 - Tomato
1/2 - Avocado
1/2 - Lemon
Salt & Pepper to taste


Dice celery and serrano chili into small pieces, add to a medium bowl.  Add StarKist Tuna Creations and toss in the diced celery and serrano. To that, add the mayonnaise and mix well.

Lay out your spinach, sprinkle with salt and pepper and some lemon juice.  Add the finished tuna salad on top. Spread out an entire sliced tomato, sprinkle with salt and pepper and lemon juice. Cut your avocado in half, and in slices, remove from the peel and lay out decoratively.  Enjoy!