Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Liebster Award

I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Amber of "Always Blabbing" (you can check out her super cute blog, here).

To be honest, I had no idea what a Liebster Award was, so imagine my surprise when it was to award the bloggers who had less than 200 readers.  I was like whoa...there's an award for that? Just kidding...okay, not kidding, but still...surprised.

I think it's a cool idea and it helps spread the word about cool blogs that aren't super popular among the masses, like mine and some of my favorites.  Let's begin, shall we?

'Tis the Season? TruMoo Milk Haunted Hollywood Sweepstakes

Living in "Sunny Southern California" I don't get to experience "seasons". Fall comes in late winter, and so on, hahaha.  

I was dumbfounded when BzzAgent (if you're not a member already, then please check out their site here) sent me a campaign invite for something that had to do with Halloween, until I checked my own calendar and realized we're just a few days from October.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

BA-STAR Review: Bronze Star Dust

BA-STAR is a website based make-up store, you can find them at, the site will take you directly to all of their Stardusts and Mineral Shadows.

For this review, I'll be talking about the Bronze Star Dust (Product Code SD111) it retails for $8.75 on their site but I have a sweet deal for you, so keep reading!

Valia Skincare Review

I have a friend who is very much into natural skincare, if she doesn't DIY, she's out looking for skincare lines that provide you with all natural ingredients and that also work effectively.

I was lucky that she introduced me to the Valia skincare line, she talked so well about the company and their customer service, that I felt it necessary to reach out to them and see if I could try it for myself.

I was floored when they said they'd send me a free sample of their Essential Travel Kit.

Allure Beauty Event - Byuti Salon

A few weeks ago I attended a beauty event hosted by Allure Magazine, Byuti Salon in Westwood, Pureology and Smirnoff Vodka.  Byuti Salon formerly located in Santa Monica wanted to spread the word about Pureology's newest product.  Attendees were given the choice of a complimentary blow-out, hair masque or make-up touch up.

I opted for their blowout as it was one of their services advertised on their front door.  Byuti Salon nestled in a kitty corner shopping center, is located on the second floor, with its huge floor to ceiling windows natural lighting enhances an already beautiful salon.