Friday, April 26, 2013

Intro to - Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum (First 2 weeks)

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If you're like me, and love makeup and especially false eyelashes, you know that it eventually take a toll on your natural lashes.

Lately, and as much as I hate to admit it, I started noticing that I was losing a ton of eyelashes, almost on a daily basis.

I was then approached with an opportunity to work with a company called Fysiko.

They are the creators of Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum, it's similar to Latisse, but without the need for a prescription, and beside that, it's made with all natural ingredients.

You can read up on and find out more about Fysiko here.  They have tons of Before and After shots on their Facebook page as well.

This will be an 8 part post, as Fysiko states a dramatic difference in your eyelashes after 16 weeks.

I just wanted everyone to see what I was working with, and how the progress is going so far.

I'll tell you what I've noticed in just two weeks, thicker looking lashes, fuller lashes and no loss of eyelashes, soooo, that made me happy.  I'm just waiting for LENGTH because that seems to be my BIGGEST issue.

When I first started using this, I had just lost a big chunk of lashes and I was like, so depressed about it, it really bugged me, and I would use false lashes all the time to try and mask the gaps, but it appears that the gaps have grown back in. It's so very easy to apply, and I really thought that I'd have some sort of crazy reaction, because I have really sensitive skin (and I'm also a contact lense user) so while the directions say you can use it twice a day (but they cannot stress ENOUGH not to OVERUSE) I only used it once a day for 3 days, once I didn't turn into a warty toad, I started applying it twice (once in the morning, and right before bed). You have to make sure your eyes are free of makeup and debris, it's also so very easy to use.  The applicator is like a fine line liquid eyeliner brush, all you do is take the wand out of the bottle and line your eyelid, as close to the eyelashes as possible!

Check it out -

Soooo...tell me what you think? Are you excited for the next reveal? I know I am! See you all in two weeks!

Compensation for this post will be provided after the 16 week posting goes live by Fysiko. Opinions expressed here are 100% my own as well as the pictures of my eyelashes.


  1. I can't wait for your final results!

  2. I can't wait for your final results!

  3. I haven't officially followed your blog because I'm not computer literate, my daughter is helping me with this comment and she's only 13 so that tells you a lot about me. A lot of ths stuff I have been buying is because of your blog, reading the reviews and coming home. a lot are real shady but i like that yours are real honest i feel like i'm trying them out in your house with you keep up the good work and i hope your eyelashes grow because i would go out and buy this if they do!

  4. Hi I was wondering if you are going to post any new progress anytime soon. CAN'T Wait TO SEE YOUR FINAL RESULTS! Looks like it worked for u very fast after those two weeks :)

    1. Hi! Yes,I do have two updated posts, please see the links below :)

  5. This product really works


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